The team at ABI Valuo is dedicated to provide tools and insights to help save your money and deliver more value.

Our services are backed by the best data available from verified sources and aided by state of the art machine learning models.

We strive to enhance decision making in the advertising world.

We measure every medium, industry and product, and work relentlessly to become the world standard for advertising measurement.

We reveal the complete picture and provide insights which buyers, brands, marketers, analysts, and industry leaders can rely on in their day-to-day work.

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Phone: 416-829-7749

Our team

Mark Slipp

Founder & CIO

Mark is someone who sees all the technology and business pieces on the table and assembles transformational new methods, products, services and ways of working - “Digital Thinking”. He believes digital means more than information and technology, or data, which are raw materials and looks to add value or solve problems using digital.

Vincenzo Palermo

Co-founder & Head of Strategy

Dr. Palermo is an advertising expert who focuses on consulting collaborations with private companies to tackle important management decisions at the nexus of strategic management and technological change, he studies how internet technologies change investment decisions and how they affect product pricing and firms' revenues. Digitization of Strategy with focus on online advertising and targeting technologies Innovator, problem solver, leader and team player.

Han (Tony) Deng

Co-founder & software developer

Engineer, Software Development, Architecture, Planning, Data Structure Mechatronics, AI Machine Learning

Jack (John) Laing

Co-founder and Head of Architecture Strategy

Cross Channel Statistical Modelling & extra mile work. Technical Consulting: Data Architecture. Set up AWS services, EC2, S3, and Redshift for data ingestion from Adobe Site Catalyst and connection to BI Server - Domo. Predictive Modeling: R programmer. Math, Economics, Statistical Econometrics